ITSM Service Management Conference, the only integrated conference in Greece for the IT Service Management, is organized for the sixth consecutive year by the official organization itSMF Hellas and this year hosts the 6th IT Service Management South-Eastern Europe Convention.

The IT Service Management Conference aims to highlight the benefits of the implementation of IT services best management practices.

In today’s adverse economic period, the implementation of a structured IT Service Management framework sets a strong foundation for the creation of successful customer-oriented organizations, value production and sustainable development.

The Conference will set an international scene for exchanging views and knowledge, present applied cases and open new fields of discussion about the IT Service Management amongst all stakeholders, professionals, organizations and businesses.

The presentations will focus on:

• Create the organisation culture for providing value to the customer
• How to effectively manage the business demands
• Accelerate and optimise procedures and functionalities
• Offer competitive advantage and value to the business.

Business and organisation executives from countries of the wider geographical region including the following
will be attending the conference:

1. Austria
2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
3. Bulgaria
4. Croatia
5. Cyprus
6. Greece
7. Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
8. Hungary
9. Italy
10. Serbia
11. Slovakia
12. Slovenia
13. Turkey

The IT Service Management Conference is organised for the sixth year, in times where markets and professionals are more mature in accepting and implementing IT Service Management practices. More than 200 executives attended each of the previous conferences, showing keen interest and participation in the dialogue. The audience was mainly from enterprises such as banks, telecommunication companies, service providers and state agencies.